Camelotta offers the best of institutional investing practices tailored to benefit from the unique circumstances of its clients. 

Emphasis on Real Returns

We are ultimately focused on high purchasing power. This means that clients care more about wealth preservation and growth than return numbers which can easily be eroded by the effects of inflation. Some interesting facts about inflation:

  • 3.2% inflation rate will reduce your wealth by 50% over the course of two decades.
  • The consumer price index (CPI) is not well suited for wealthy clients because it includes products that currently exist however long term wealth management aims to afford you products and services that don’t exist yet but will come to define a good standard of living.
  • Inflation since 1914 has caused the value of a dollar to decline by 95%! That cup of coffee that cost your grandparents a nickel costs a dollar today and yet, it’s still a cup of coffee!

Smart investing offers the potential to offset inflation and preserve purchasing power.

Amongst the most important investing decisions are asset allocation, asset location and asset selection. Cost minimization and tax efficiency come next. All of these are areas over which the investor has control.

For each client, I craft a unique, customized approach beginning with an overall strategy. I use an asset allocation-based approach built on the capital asset pricing model (CAPM) combined with some of my own assumptions, experience, and data. I have years of experience with this methodology. Not only was it pioneered (in its advanced form) by members of the Stanford finance department (my alma mater), I have been applying it in a professional context since 1991. A basic rule of finance is that all assets are risky and that means that you can lose money no matter where you put it. So it is key to focus on getting paid to take risk over time.

"Investors are swimming against the tide with one arm tied against their backs. The tide consists of taxes, fees, volatility, inflation and life events and the only time-tested tools at your disposal boil down to diversification, compound interest, and time.”

Dana Grigg


Asset Allocation

We invest across all major asset classes in hundreds of different securities. Our goal is to find assets that produce the best risk-adjusted returns for our clients. We survey the entire universe of mutual funds and ETFs – over 15,000 in total – to select the best ones for our clients. We are able to leverage our analytical “horsepower” to select from among them to engineer a client’s portfolio.

Security Selection

A unique asset allocation calls for a curation of the right set of securities to construct the portfolio. For example, should the client use municipal bonds or taxable bonds for their fixed income allocation? How do the differences in an S&P 500 ETF and an S&P 500 Mutual Fund make one better for a given portfolio? Beyond that, how do the specific securities align with the economic cycle?

We answer all these questions and more in the development and management of our accounts.

This is possible by leveraging advanced technologies, some purchased, some proprietary, to manage portfolios. Examples of ways in which we apply this knowledge include:

  • Dynamic Portfolio Rebalancing
  • Asset “Location” Analysis
  • Tax Loss Harvesting
  • Portfolio Performance Attribution

Fiduciary Lens

Less than 10% of financial advisors are accredited fiduciaries. Camelotta is one of them. As a fee-only advisor, we place the interests of the client ahead of our own. Unlike a brokerage firm, we work solely for fees and not commissions or other compensation.

Financial planning

Every partnership begins with a conversation about your goals.

Camelotta provides clients with a nuanced & holistic view of their financial future via customized-not-canned financial plans & wealth strategies.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Retirement Security
  • Inheritance & Charitable giving
  • College & childcare saving
  • Divorce Analysis

Medical Group Consultations

As the owner of a surgical group, you need to be a top-notch doctor & excellent business-owner, but you are only trained in one of those things. We bring our Harvard MBA-level expertise to bear on any business problem, whether its:

  • Growth Strategies
  • Partner compensation & profitability assessment
  • Or Individual career advice

401(k) Plans

Retirement plans can help you harvest a greater share of business income and help recruit and retain top-quality staff in a tight labor market. That's why 90% of retirement plans are owned by small businesses.

Our president, Dana Grigg, has managed money for institutions and individuals for over 25 years and provided medical group solutions since 2004.

As one of just 5% of US advisors with an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) accreditation, Dana can apply global fi360 investment standards of fiduciary care to  401(k) plans.

Cash Balance Plans

Cash balance plans are a type of defined benefit plan that offer guaranteed retirement income while offering employers flexibility on year-to-year contributions.

They are considered ideal for private medical and legal groups because:

  1. They tend to have very highly-compensated owners & partners
  2. They tend to have a high partner-to-staff ratio
  3. The staff tends to be younger than employers, and so require fewer contributions.


How we work with clients

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