Financial Planning for Doctors

Physicians’ financial plans must simultaneously be business plans for their practice while also planning for the doctor’s eventual separation from the practice whether it be through retirement or taking on partners. At Camelotta Advisors we can help. We help doctors identify and make good decisions when it comes to establishing themselves and growing their business. 

Early career physicians may need advice around debt management, business strategy, compensation analysis, profitability assessments, tax management and business valuation. As physicians age, they often look towards retirement, liability management and practice sustainability. Many even think about adjunct or ancillary medical pursuits. Camelotta Advisors has led clients towards success in all of these areas.

Medical school graduates have a unique shape to the pattern of their wealth creation. Consider parallel professional lives of a physician and a corporate officer. The officer begins accruing wealth earlier in life while the medical student is still accruing debt. Once working the doctor’s income accelerates rapidly and dissipates the debt allowing them to arrive at a zero net worth a few years after medical school.  But their total savings are still below that of the corporate professional albeit their income is higher. The question becomes when does the opportunity cost of medical school become zero, or when does total lifetime savings equal that of the corporate officer? The answer really depends on many factors. Another pressing question for doctors is what net worth do you need to retire? The answer to this question also varies on a case by case basis. However, knowing your peak net worth and the time at which it comes is essential for retirement planning.

We take doctors fresh out of medical school and help them understand how to extinguish their debt while maintaining an eye towards accruing a high amount of tax deferred wealth.  We invest these dollars strategically to make the physicians hard earned savings work for them.  We know that a physician must rapidly surpass their corporate comparator before the age at which their income drops off later in their career. Optimizing this career “sweet spot” is what we’re all about.

"Investors are swimming against the tide with one arm tied against their backs. The tide consists of taxes, fees, volatility, inflation and life events and the only time-tested tools at your disposal boil down to diversification, compound interest, and time.”

Dana Grigg


Medical Group Consultations

As the owner of a medical group, you need to be a top-notch doctor and excellent business-owner, but you are only trained in one of those things. We bring our Harvard MBA-level expertise to bear on any business problem, whether it’s:

Growth Strategies

Business growth is the central driver of your income. Defining a tangible and benchmarked growth strategy along with the tools to align constituents and fend off threats is our focus at Camelotta Advisors.

Partner Compensation and Profitability Assessment

Many medical groups assemble doctors with different revenue, cost, and longevity characteristics.  At Camelotta Advisors we align these arrays into unified business-wide goals to incentivize and promote equity and value for all members.

Individual Career Advice

We preform high quality financial planning and investing. We already manage 401(k) plans and portfolios for surgeons and medium sized medical practices. We provide a holistic and individualized approach to our advice so you can focus on what matters most to you.

401(k) Plans for Doctors

401(k) plans come in many shapes and sizes.  We can tailor your plan to provide high levels of benefit and tax efficiency while maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulations.  As a fiduciary, our clients trust us to take on some or all the responsibility of optimizing their business equity, so that they can focus on their expertise.

As one of just 5% of US advisors with an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF) accreditation, Dana Grigg can apply global fi360 investment standards of fiduciary care to 401(k) plans. Mr. Grigg has been managing money for individuals and institutions for over 25 years with 15 of those focused on medicine. 

Cash Balance Plans

Cash balance plans are a type of defined benefit plan that offer guaranteed retirement income while allowing employers year-to-year flexibility on contributions.

Cash balance plans are ideal for private medical and legal groups because:

  1. They tend to have highly compensated owners and partners
  2. They tend to have a high partner-to-staff ratio
  3. The staff tends to be younger than employers

Contributions are based on a defined benefit that the business owners can select when setting up the plan. The maximum benefit tends to be based on income and age and the owner is given a great degree of flexibility about how and when to fund it.

Since these plans are designed to be flexible, we can help you diagnose the appropriate amounts to contribute to each plan participant to optimize retirement-readiness and tax-savings.

How Camelotta Advisors Can Help

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