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Our allegiance is to Our Clients

We strive to build relationships with ideal clients who can feel free to be open about any financial ideas or challenges. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness and approach that doesn’t just stop with the client but extends to those around them.

We give our advice as fiduciaries adhering to standards set by the standards organization Fi360 in their best practices for fiduciaries. This is indicated, in part by the fact that our compensation does not change based upon the advice given or actions taken by clients. That loyalty means clients find comfort in knowing that advice is strictly in their best interest.

We are a firm founded on ideas and learning. Our DNA springs from the innovative, forward-looking practices of our home territory of the Silicon Valley and the West Coast. Camelot Technology Advisors, Inc. is our full name and conveys the extent to which the use of good technologies imbues our approach. We are well educated in the classical approaches to investing but we endeavor to bring advanced ideas to money management.

We want our clients to understand as much or as little as they want about their money and our advice and processes. We learn from collaborators and our clientele so you shouldn’t be surprised if we call you with a new idea to help you achieve your goals.

We choose to be a boutique private advisor that is perfectly sized for those who demand responsive personalized service but who also need the experience and resources to handle their most complex financial issues. Our investment minimum and cap on the number of client relationship we take on is designed to allow us to have more resources to focus on our clients and their families.

A “Goldilocks” firm”, we deliver big firm advantages through such as margin and credit facilities (through Schwab and Fidelity), a proprietary online portal where clients can evaluate their assets – even those we don’t formally manage -- and measure their performance. But we also tailor your wealth. All are treated equally. Each account is traded and rebalanced individually by Dana Grigg. We don’t outsource it to other companies or canned approaches. We encourage clients to call us anytime with any question big or small.

Dana Grigg


Dana Grigg

A finance industry veteran, Mr. Grigg has held leadership positions at Barclays Global Investors, JP Morgan and Credit Suisse. He holds degrees from Stanford University’s Economics Department and Harvard Business School.

Mr. Grigg began his career at Credit Suisse in Zurich, Switzerland in 1991 where he applied the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) as a method to maximize risk-adjusted returns for Swiss Franc based investors. He also participated in the construction of the first over-the- counter Swiss government bond future.

As a capital markets expert at JP Morgan New York, Mr. Grigg focused on financial advisory services, trading and mathematical modeling of financial assets. As an advisor to Global 2000 corporations, Mr. Grigg endeavored to structure financial products and strategies to address their most urgent financial issues. His specialties were fixed income assets, options, and foreign exchange. At JP Morgan Frankfurt, he was responsible for implementing the firm’s options risk management system.

Following JP Morgan, Mr. Grigg moved to Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco, California where he worked as a trading strategist for their Capital Markets Group. In this role, he structured investments involving debt, stocks, and Latin American investments to create profit opportunities within Barclay’s securities lending portfolio. In addition, Mr. Grigg also designed and implemented a risk management tool that priced assets and measured their risks and returns.

Since 2001, Mr. Grigg has been the President of Camelotta Advisors. The firm prides itself on offering the best of institutional investing practices tailored to benefit from the unique circumstances of its clients. This is possible via use of advanced technologies, some purchased, some proprietary to manage portfolios and conduct analysis of investment opportunities and financial plans. Camelotta applies the most advanced modern portfolio theories to the management of client assets.

A 1992 Honors graduate of Stanford University, he focused on statistics and mathematical modeling as he completed a bachelor’s degree in Economics. In addition he focused on German language and culture and is fluent in the German language.

At Harvard Business School, Mr. Grigg’s MBA studies focused on strategy with an emphasis on venture capital valuation techniques and risk control methodologies.

Marissa Kahler

Marissa is a 2020 Graduate of the University of Washington in Seattle—she received her Bachelor of Arts degree, with majors in economics and English and a minor in diversity.

Marissa started as an intern at Camelotta Advisors in January of 2020 and has since expanded her role to a sales and service advisor. In this capacity she assists with the continuing needs of our clients and generating new clients.

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