Be Worthy.
Pursue Higher Things.

Tailored wealth solutions that establish meaningful legacies.

Be worthy.
Pursue Higher Things.

Tailored wealth solutions that establish meaningful legacies.

Camelotta is a boutique fiduciary advisor offering highly customized solutions for clientele who wish to grow their wealth and support institutions that matter.

Welcome to the Future.

Wealth Management

Nuanced & flexible investment strategies to maximize your odds of financial success. We give clients control over their finances so they can manage their path towards personal & family goals.

Financial Planning for Doctors

We are uniquely qualified to help medical principals address the business challenges of growing their business and consequent wealth.

How we work with clients

How it all started

In 2001, I looked around my Wall Street trading desk and realized I was dissatisfied. Although I had a great title and was in an intellectually stimulating, lucrative position, I didn’t feel like I was making a difference. One day, a friend of mine asked me to solve a personal financial problem.  She took my advice and prospered as a result.  My reward was being a part of her success.

At about the same time, I noticed that, as an investment professional, I had a tough time finding someone who would manage my own money in an unbiased and technically sophisticated way.  

That led me to the realization that I could have a direct, positive impact on peoples’ lives by applying the advanced investment principles and academic techniques I learned on Wall Street to the portfolios of people who could appreciate and benefit from such an offering.  So, in 2001, I founded Camelot Technology Advisors, Inc. later shortened to Camelotta Advisors as an high end fiduciary advisory firm that applied expertise and high technology to produce creative solutions tailored to each client’s situation and goals.

Over the years, I’ve been proud to work closely with dozens of families. The size of their legacies is expressed in terms of their statures, stories and sharing. We see financial plans and wealth management strategies as the shoulders on which they stand to achieve higher things and support the issues that matter to them.

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